My Story – The Middle of Half-Way

The Middle of Half-Way.   Now that you know some of the beginning, we are going to jump to a few years from the beginning. Let's call it the Middle of Spooky Way.   A Haunting in My Past   As many of you can tell, I spent a lot of time with my papa and...

Writer’s Block and Everything Else

Life can be a Roadblock.   Right now, I am sitting here thinking that I have nothing to write about. Which I know isn't true. I have at least a few drafted ideas but only titles. No, concreate words to be had for any of them. But none seems fitting to write...

My Story – The Tale of my Beginning

The Beginning.     Beginning.   I want to talk about the beginning. Please note before reading this post that it is going to be a much more personal piece than some of my others.   I am going to do a different type of post today. I want to talk...

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