Hi, I’m Brittney, I’m a first-time parent just like you.

I want to show you that you can work a full time or part time job, be an amazing parent, keep the home organized and clean, and still have time for your favorite hobbies. My parenting tips, home organization and cleaning tips, and my favorite DIY projects will help you keep your home life running smoothly so that you have time for your family. My goal as a mother and parent is to help make your life easier so that you have time for all the wonderful memeries you forge with your family. 

Come declutter life with me.


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Five Cleaning Supplies I Absolutely Love

Please note that below are affiliate links, which means they will not cost you anything extra. However, if you use them I may earn a small commission. Thanks for supporting a fellow mom blogger.     Five Cleaning Supplies I swear by and absolutely love.     Every mom...

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What I am Grateful for This Holiday Season

'Tis the Season to be Grateful           It's the perfect time to sit down with a big hot cup of cocoa, a nice warm cozy blanket, and a computer to reflect on the world. The life I have been given. The past year and all the changes that have occurred. To acknowledge...

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5 Things I Love

Five Things I Absolutely Love       First off, I just wanted to say sorry for how absent I have been on the blog lately. I've been so busy stressing over life so much. It's hard for me to find to be motivated/inspired to write. How do you guys deal with the stress of...

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My Story – The Middle of Half-Way

The Middle of Half-Way.   Now that you know some of the beginning, we are going to jump to a few years from the beginning. Let's call it the Middle of Spooky Way.   A Haunting in My Past   As many of you can tell, I spent a lot of time with my papa and nanny. Since...

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Writer’s Block and Everything Else

Life can be a Roadblock.   Right now, I am sitting here thinking that I have nothing to write about. Which I know isn't true. I have at least a few drafted ideas but only titles. No, concreate words to be had for any of them. But none seems fitting to write about. I...

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My Story – The Tale of my Beginning

The Beginning.     Beginning.   I want to talk about the beginning. Please note before reading this post that it is going to be a much more personal piece than some of my others.   I am going to do a different type of post today. I want to talk about myself, to give...

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