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Before the Organization, there was the Clutter.



My hallway closet was a complete mess.  There were plastic bags just thrown all over the floor. The top shelf was very disorganized and cluttered. There was a litter box in there as well that made the hallway smell terrible as well. So one day I was on pinterest and I saw how some people had redone their closet spaces to be more efficient and less cluttered. I think pinterest is one of my favorite platforms when it comes to finding cool ideas to incorporate into my own home.  I decided to try and do the same thing. Unfortunately while in the process of cleaning, I forgot to take some before and after pictures. I really regret not doing it. I know I love a good before and after picture.




After the cluttered mess, became the organized closet space.


I had a lot of work cut out for me as I cleaned out the hallway closet. I knew that I needed to make some small purchases to get my closet organized. The cluttered space had to be redone from the floor up. I went shopping at my local Target and Walmart and bought a few products that seriously helped me get the job done.



The Products I used to get rid of the cluttered mess in the hallway.


These are the products I bought to help get rid of the cluttered hallway mess.




Command Broom Gripper



These thing is really awesome. Let me just start off by saying that I love this product and recommend that everyone buy one to store their brooms and mops. I bought two of these things for the hallway closet and its amazing how much better it looks with them holding the broom and mop. It makes my heart happy because of how organized it looks. This really helped me get rid of all the clutter that accumulated on the floor of the hallway closet floor. This can be found here.






Room Essentials Three Tier Wide Metal Shelving Unit



When I bought this item I wasn’t 100% sure that it would fit in my hallway closet. I got home and my boyfriend helped me put it together. Then we put it in the hallway closet and it fit. I was so happy. And I was also very happy with the way it looked inside the closet. I thought it might look tacky but nope.  It doesn’t look tacky at all. I’m super happy with this purchase. You can find this product here.






Rustic Wire Bin


This bin is so cute. I put it on the top shelf of the wire storage unit. I use it for our toilet paper storage. That was another problem we used to have in the cluttered hallway space before I bought this bin.  Especially if you like to purchase in bulk. There really isn’t a whole lot to say about this product. I feel it is pretty straight forward.  I found this product at Kohls.




Simple by Design Shower Cady


When I saw this I knew it would be the perfect place to store my daughters bottles, binkies, and other assorted items that don’t have a spot in our home. It works great for that. Once all the bottles have been washed we just out them in here. Also it helps us keeps all the binkies in one place so we don’t loose them. My daughter really loves her binkies. I found this product while shopping at Kohls the other day.



Resin Wicker Storage Basket



I knew when redecorating my closet space that I needed something to put all of the households cleaning supplies in. They were a real mess. So I decided to go to Walmart and found this awesome storage basket. I can put all my cleaning supplies in it. It was very cost effective, so I ended up purchasing two. I am a mom who likes to save money. You can find it here.



After the clutter is gone, the organization was done.






Here is the finished product. I am so happy with the way it turned out. At first I wasn’t sure if some of the items I bought would look good together. But I have to say, after seeing it come together. I can definitely say that it works well.












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