The Middle of Half-Way.


Now that you know some of the beginning, we are going to jump to a few years from the beginning. Let’s call it the Middle of Spooky Way.


A Haunting in My Past


As many of you can tell, I spent a lot of time with my papa and nanny. Since both my parents worked their fair share to support our family. I ended up in the care of my grandfather and grandmother. Which let’s be honest, I didn’t mind. I loved spending time with them. I would help my Papa clean the dishes. We would listen to the oldies and sing along and dance. My nanny would sometimes share her Pepsi or hard candies with me. Those old-fashioned hard candies were always a special treat. I wonder if they are still around? I wonder if they taste the same.



Ghost Stories and Sleepovers


There was one time when I was sleeping over at my grandfather’s house. He had let me invite some of my friends over to the house. So we all slept downstairs in the living room. Now where we were laying you could just see to the top of the stairs and the hallway that lead to my grandparent’s room, my bedroom, and the steps up to the attic which doubled as a bedroom.  During the night, we told ghost stories before to pass the time before we fell asleep. After my one friend had finished her particularly scary ghost story, I remember this feeling overcome me to look up at the hallway. At the exact moment, I saw a shadow person walk from my bedroom into my grandparent’s room. I stared confused at the hallway. I turned to my friends to see if they saw the shadow person too but they were all too busy telling the next scary story. So I decided to not say anything about it to my friends. I was afraid I’d scare them and ruin the fun.



Another Spooktacular Ghost Story.


I remember another time, I was sleeping over at my grandparent’s house. Tucked away safely in my bed. I woke up in the middle of the night. To this day, I am unsure why I woke up in the middle of the night. I remember that when I awoke. I would look down at the foot of my bed and there stand in front of my bed would be a Shadowman with a hat. It was like an outline of a man. I saw this Shadowman a few times when staying at my papa’s house. It always scared me. I know that the previous owner who had lived in the house had died in the house. To this day, I still don’t know who was standing at the foot of my bed. The Shadowman never spoke to me. Just watched me. Like he was observing me in my sleep.



Spooky, Spooky, Shadowman.


A few years ago I was telling my sister of the Shadowman. After I had finished telling her my tale of the shadow that watched me sleep. She told me she had woken a few nights to find a Shadowman standing at the foot of her bed as well. I know that seems impossible for two people to have the same experience. But it happened to both of us. So I guess the likely hood of this experience being real is pretty high.



More Spooky Tails from the Malta House.


When my sister and I lived with my dad in Malta. We experienced a lot of unexplainable things. When we were in our bedroom we would hear loud footsteps of someone walking up and down the hallway. I’d check and there would be no one there. Our dad would be fast asleep in his room. We’d also hear what sounded like the front door opening or closing. The sound of the garage opening and closing. My dad would hear someone walk up to his jeep, open the door and then shut it and walk away. We had a gravel driveway, so the sound of footsteps was very distinctive. My dad also saw a ghost a few times in that house of the back end of a black cat and a ghost woman in a white dress, brown short locks of hair, and no face. My sister never saw her. I only ever saw her dress in the mirror in the bathroom. I never saw the cat though.



Life keeps Moving Forward.


When experiencing what my sister and I did. All the weird things that have happened to us throughout our lives. All the spooky things that have happened. It definitely makes a person believe that there are things in this world that we can’t see or truly understand. I’m sure some of you will read this and think, Oh I’m sure there is a reasonable explanation for this. But is there really? I don’t think you can explain these kinds of things away so easily. They happened. Ifs up to you to believe in them or not.



Do you believe or not believe?


I’d love to hear about your own spooky experiences. Has anything strange happened to you as a kid? Have you had something happened that you couldn’t explain? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. I’d love to hear your spooky tails.






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