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How I got the Courage to start a Self-hosted blog?


A long time ago, I had a dream. And not just any dream, but a dream to write young adult novels. I loved reading and getting immersed in a great book. I wanted to write to bring the joy I loved to others. So I joined a website called, Inkpop, for writers. It was a great place to make friends, share your work, and get the constructive criticism you needed. I loved that website. Sadly a few years back the website was shut down.


Around the same time, I found that a lot of my friends from the website ran their own blogs. So my first blog, Beauty Ink, was born. I basically just wrote short stories, about my life, and reviews for books I had read. It was a great place for me to hone my skills as a blogger. But as I learned many, many years later, I did not know the full potential of being a blogger.



My inspiration for Starting a Mom Blog.



Thanks to the amazing thing called the internet. I found mom blogs who offered courses and inspiration on starting my own mom blog. I took Suzi Whitford’s Blog by Number course from Start a Mom Blog.  She offers a whole bunch of products to help you become the best mom blogger that you can be. I have learned so much from her blog and her courses. If you want to become a mom blog, start a blog, or just need to hone your skills. I seriously suggest you check her out and follow the links above. I feel her products are worth the price.



The story behind my blog.


As I started Suzi’s Blog by Number course. I learned how to find my niche, create my brand, choose a hosting site, and so much more. She taught me how to create a feminine yet professional looking blog. Suzi taught me how to find and use free stock images to put on my blog and Pinterest. She even taught me how to attract people to my blog using various social media websites. Suzi is such an inspiring blogger and mom to me. Suzi gave me the inspiration and the means to become a self-hosted blogger.


My blog’s brand.


As I learned from Suzi. I started to think about my niche, my brand, and my options for self-hosting. When I first decided on my niche, I was mainly focused on cleaning, decluttering, and organization. As I create new content for my blog though, I discovered I had more to talk about than just those main three things. So my niche from those three focus points to a mom lifestyle blog. I wanted to share the ups and downs of motherhood, life, as well as my three main focus points. I wanted to offer content to my readers.


When I came up with my brand, I thought long and hard about the name I wanted others to know me by. I choose my name because I feel it relates to life’s messes, especially when you have a toddler running about. Violet certainly knows how to make a mess. That is for sure. So my name, Essential Messes was born. I felt it was a catchy, easy to remember, and fun.


Choosing a place to Host my Blog.


I looked at many companies when considering who to self-host with. I checked out siteground, Bluehost, just to name a few. I ended up choosing siteground at the time because they had the best deal running and Suzi used it for her own site.  Siteground is a great hosting website. They have great customer service that is willing to help you with anything you may need for your blog.  I haven’t run into any problems while using Sitegound for my blog.



How it all came together.


After following all of Suzi’s tips and reaching out to her when I had questions. My blog was ready to go live. In mid-June of this year, I made my blog public. Since being public, I have written eight posts for my blog. I have had almost five hundred visitors this year. I am so proud of how far I have come since my very first blog. I can’t wait to see where my adventure takes me.















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