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Please note this is a collaboration post. All views and opinions are my own.


Saving with Piggy.


I recently tried Piggy, a fantastic cashback, and automatic coupon website. Piggy makes sure you don’t miss out on coupons or cashback opportunities to your favorite stores. The reason it took me so long to write this post was that I couldn’t decide which store I wanted to try Piggy with. They have a ton to choose from. I decided to start my Piggy adventure. I love Target. It is one of my favorite stores to shop. They always seem to have the cutest things.


First Impressions: Thoughts on Piggy


When I first loaded Piggy on my browser. It opens with such a refreshing, modern, sleek, and eye-catching site. I love the way in incorporates cuteness with a modern feel.  You can tell that a lot of love and thought went into the creation of this website.  I love the little pig logo. He is super cute. I’ve used similar websites before but I would definitely say this one has the nicest design layout.  The website was so easy to use.


What do I love about Piggy?


  1. Easy to Use – anyone could use this website which is great.
  2. Saves you Money – it saves you money at all your favorite stores.
  3. Great Design –  the website looks great.


Any flaws for Piggy.


I didn’t find anything wrong with the website. The only thing that bummed me out was some of the stores I shop at regularly online didn’t have cashback options at the time. That’s not a big deal though honestly. It’s super easy to find a store that does.

I’ll be honest, when I first finished my order, I thought the savings would show up right away. I also thought I did it wrong. But no, I didn’t. When I checked the website, it explains for cashback to show in your account, the order must be shipped. So there is a little bit of a waiting period. But most companies ship fairly quickly. I don’t see that as being a game changer either.


Do I recommend: Yes or No?


Yes, I recommend Piggy. I love Piggy. I really do. Any website that is going to help me save money while shopping online is a winner in my book. I do love to save money.  I encourage all my readers to try Piggy out.


Also, make sure you download the Piggy extension for your computers browser and the app for your phone. That way you can save as much money as possible.


Join Piggy today.




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  1. Stephen Gibson

    I’ve never tried this. That makes sense that it wouldn’t pay out until the item’s been shipped. I’d worry about it the whole time though. I like the peace of mind of knowing I don’t have to track it down later.

    3 months ago
  2. Jen S

    I’ve never heard of piggy before. I’m not sure why it isn’t more popular since it looks so easy and useful! I definitely will look into whether they have deals for stores I shop at often.

    3 months ago
  3. kathryn Maher

    It would have never occurred to me to use a cash back website like Piggy for discounts and coupons. I am a bargain hunter and like to get good deals so this website really appeals to me. Great thanks!

    3 months ago
  4. Chelsea

    I’m the world worst saver so I’m definitely going to have a look at piggy! I love discounts and bargains too so this is right up my street

    3 months ago
  5. Maria Ingrid | Wander with MI

    Piggy sounds interesting.. I love bargains and discounts, not sure if this is available in the country where I am residing though.. But I would check it out..

    3 months ago
  6. Ana De- Jesus

    Piggy sounds like a fantastic chrome extension and I love how it saves you money when you shop. I will be adding it to my toolbar now!

    2 months ago

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