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Holiday Gift Giving Guide for Her









The holidays are just around the corner. I know what you all must be thinking. Christmas can’t already be here. But this year has gone by fast. I’m not even sure where the time went. Christmas can be a very stressful time. I know between trying to find the perfect gift. To making sure that you are spending the same amount on each person on your Christmas list. I know shopping for your significant other can be difficult.  I am here to help you find the best gifts for her. But don’t all you men out there, I got some great suggestions for you.



I’ll be honest. I am basing this list off of my own preferences of what I would like to get from my own boyfriend. He knows me really well. Andrew knows I love cute things. He knows that. My boyfriend is pretty much like that. I love that about him. I love how well he knows me. So I am using my preferences as a guide to help all you men out there. To find the perfect gift for your girl. If she’s like me, then she might just like this list.






Cute Cat Ring


Cat Ring


I love this cute cat ring. It’s adorable. I feel like if you bought this for your significant other. They’d love it.  I mean I know if my boyfriend bought this for me as a birthday, anniversary, Christmas, etc, I would love it. So if you feel like your girlfriend or wife would love this. Then be sure to check out this ring. You can buy it here.





Oh For Fox Shake Mug


Fox Mug


Isn’t this mug just the cutest? I’ll be honest. I don’t like coffee, hot or cold tea, or hot chocolate. But I love this mug. It’s just so cute. If Andrew bought me this for Christmas. I would be as happy as a clam. So if your lady likes to drink coffee in this morning, Then why not pick up this cute mug for her. If you’d like to buy it. You can find it here.






Fujifilm Instax Mini – Flamingo Pink







I’m not gonna lie. I’ve had my eye on this camera for a while now. This camera is so cute. My sister and her best friend have one of these. They seem to really like theirs. If your girlfriend likes to take pictures. Or is looking for a way to change up the way she takes them. Then consider this product for her. I bet she’d love it. This product comes in a lot of colors. If you’d like to buy it. You can find it here.




Cute Cat Socks



Cat Socks




I mean come on. Who doesn’t love socks? Especially cute ones like these. If you’d like to buy these cute kitty socks. You can find them here.






Rose Gold Stud Earrings



Rose Gold Earrings



These rose gold earrings are so cute. If your girlfriend loves super cute earrings. Which let’s be honest, what girl wouldn’t love to own these. If there is one thing I know about us girls, is jewelry is a girl’s best friend. Well, maybe not every girl’s best friend. But it can’t hurt to buy a girl jewelry. I know I’d love them. Then definitely look into buying these for her. You can buy them here.







Beauty and the Beast Chip Mug




Beauty and the Beast Chip Mug




This is so freaking cute. Who doesn’t love Beauty and the Beast mug? It’s romantic. It’s an amazing story.  A great story for the whole family. If your girlfriend loves coffee or any hot beverage. If she loves Beauty and the Beast. Then she’d love these. You can buy them here.







Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils




Color Pencils



I am an artsy kind of girl. I like to color in those adult coloring books. They are amazing.  I don’t know if they do anything for my stress levels. But I do love them. If your girl likes to color in those coloring books too. Then why not buy her some really colored pencils. You can buy these here.







Almost Adulting




Almost Adulting




I feel like this is a good book for anyone who is growing up. Because let’s face it. Adulting is hard. There are plenty of times where I feel like I could have used this book. And who knows maybe it has a lot of laughs in it as well. If your lady might like this. You can buy it here.








Decorative Cactus Tea Candles






I love candles. I’m not sure I know a girl who doesn’t to be perfectly honest with you. If you’d like to buy one of these for your girl. A girl has to have her candles. I can imagine these being in my bathroom or maybe on a shelf. Then you can buy them here.






Cute Marshmallow Hot Chocolate Mugs




Hot Chocolate Mugs





I would love love love to own these cute hot chocolate mugs. I know I love cute things. And these mugs are so freaking cute. Cute things are amazing. If you’d like to get these adorable mugs for your girl. Then you can buy them here.







Cute Cat Stud Earrings



Cute Stud Earrings


If I know anything. These earrings are adorable. So flipping cute. I feel like if my boyfriend bought these for me. I’d be so happy. They are so freaking cute. So if your girlfriend loves everything cute. Then these earrings are for her. You can buy them here.







Oliver Rocket Bath Bomb Set




Bath Bomb Set





Now I’ll be honest. I am not one for baths. For whatever reason, the water makes me feel seasick. But if you have a lady in your life who happens to love baths. Then I bet she’d love these bath bombs. You can buy them here.






Cute Cactus Coin Purse




Cute Cactus Purse



I love me a cute coin purse. It is an awesome cute coin purse. Now there are a lot of things I love in life. But I wouldn’t mind owning this cute cactus coin purse. If your girl would love this. Then you can buy it here.








Keep Calm and Have a Cupcake Bookmark




Cute Cupcake Bookmark




I love bookmarks because I love to read. So I know that if your girlfriend loves books. If she loves to read. Then you can mark your place with this super cute bookmark. If your girl would love this. Then you can find it here.







Ceramic Cat Measuring Cups



Measuring Cups



I love these. I would love to use these when I am baking something sweet in my kitchen. If your girl loves to bake. And loves cats. Then they’d love these adorable cat measuring cups. If you’d like to buy these. Then you can find them here.







Cute Macaron Velvet Plush and Blanket





Marcaron Plush






I just love a super cute soft blanket. This one doubles as a cute pillow and blanket. If your girl likes soft blankets and cute pillows. Then this product may be for her. You can buy it here.







 Rifle Paper Month Agenda Spiral Planner






I love keeping things organized in life. It can be pretty annoying actually. Because I try to keep everything in my life super organized. Which can be hard with a two-year-old running around. Since I have found bullet journaling, I wouldn’t really need this. However, if I did need one to help me stay organized. I would choose this one. So if your lady loves to be as organized as me. Then she will love this. If you would like to buy it. Then you can find it here.





Essential Messes Holiday Gift Giving Guide List for Her.





After carefully selecting each of these products based on my own preferences. I feel like you can’t go wrong with choosing something off of this list for your lady love. I know it can be hard shopping for your lovely. It can be hard to shop for a woman. I know because shopping for my sister is difficult at times.  I hope this list helps you give your girl an amazing Christmas.



Have you ever struggled with finding the perfect gift for a woman in your life? Did you find your lady the perfect gift? I would love to hear about your own experiences.  As one woman to anyone who has to ever had to shop for us. I know it can seem impossible at times. Thanks for all the things you do for your lady love. I bet she appreciates it.



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