The Beginning.





I want to talk about the beginning. Please note before reading this post that it is going to be a much more personal piece than some of my others.


I am going to do a different type of post today. I want to talk about myself, to give you all a little bit of backstory of myself. I guess the best place to start would be with my birth. My mother was twenty-two when she had me. My father was nine or ten years older than her at the time. They weren’t married and they certainly weren’t ready to be new parents. But who is anyway?



The first Home.


When my life began, I lived with my mother at my grandparent’s house by the river. I used to help my grandfather(my papa) feed the many cats, wild geese, and dogs they had on the property.   I rode my grandfathers Saint Bernard around the yard. The good dog never seemed to mine. We eventually moved to the trailer, our first home as a family.  The trailer we lived in was small. But the rent was cheap and we made do. We had a lot of fun together. My dad worked overnight and my mom worked during the day. My grandfather would watch me until my dad woke up. I wouldn’t say I was spoiled but my parents did try to do their best for me.


At one time my dad worked at a bookstore that sold these really awesome stuffed animal puppets. And we ended up owning a few. There was this one that looked like a life-like wolf that had a hole in its stomach to make the mouth move. I had this T-Rex one that was taller than me.  It was an interesting time in my life. My parents tried to make sure I had what I needed. I would say I was lucky that my parents were able to give me so much. I don’t know what their financial situation was during this time. Sometimes I wonder how they were able to give me so much.


A few years later


When I was six, my parents decided that they would give me a sibling. My mom became pregnant and in October of the next year, my little sister was born. Now being that I was only six, I wasn’t as excited by the news of this new sibling. The only thing I remember from this time when she was so small, was the fact that the only way my parents got her to sleep was in the car. She would not sleep any other way. And that was only the beginning of my sister’s reign over our household. She started young.


My grandparents moved to another trailer within walking distance of us. On nights that the crying was incredibly bad, I would sneak out of the house to go to my grandparents. Somehow my mother would never see me behind the door, but my grandma(my Nanny) would. She would invite me inside. They would set up the cot next to my papa’s bed and I would spend the night.  In the morning, my papa and I would walk back to my house before my mother left for work.


My first Pet.


I forged a lot of great memories in my first home. One that I think back on the most is my first pet. When we lived in the trailer, we had a few kitties. We had my dad’s fluffy tabby Muffy. We had a black and white tuxedo cat named Lucky who my mother adored. And last, we had my tortoiseshell, Patchy. We got Patchy from my uncle when one of his cats had had kittens.


Patchy and I shared a very special bond. When she purred, she drooled. She was fiercely allergic to fleas. And as she got older, she started to hate other cats.  It started to be so bad, that she would use our laundry as a litter box at our townhouse. That was the end of the line for my mom and dad. We ended up having to give my old girl to my grandfather, who had bought a house a little before this all started to happen.

Saying goodbye to a Friend.



Patchy was my best friend. I have so many fond memories of her. Even though all the drool, she was the best cat ever. She always seemed to know how to cheer me up. She used to sleep wrapped around my head. She lived to the ripe old age of sixteen. Which is a pretty decent run for a cat.


I remember a few years before she died. My grandfather had called us thinking that she was going to pass away. We went over. I held her in my arms and told her ” Patchy, if it is your time to go, then it’s okay. I’ll be okay.” I held her on my tummy and petted her. She purred loudly and drooled all over me, but I didn’t care.  And I cried.  I just wanted her to let her know I was there. When she did die a few years later. It was a hard time for me.


Stayed tuned for the next part of my story.


I know this is such a weird post. At first, I didn’t know what I wanted to write about. Then as I thought about it, it became clear to me. I decided to tell the story of how my life began. And how I got to be the woman I am today.




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