DIY Chalk Plant Containers to make this weekend.



These cute DIY planters are super easy to make and can be created from items you probably already have in your home. They don’t take very long to make and make great almost free planters for your indoor garden.


To start, you will need a few things to complete these DIY chalk planters.



What you’ll need to complete this project.

  1. A plastic container, like an empty gallon milk container or anything you may have on hand in your home.
  2. Washi Tape
  3. Black Paint or Black Chalk Paint
  4. White Chalk
  5.  A knife
  6. Paintbrush




Step 1




First, you must clean out your container thoroughly, especially if it’s sticky. Dry your containers inside and out. Then cut the container to the length you’d like it to be. I cut my container so that it would be taller. I tried to reuse as much of the container as I could.




Step 2




If your container has a label then take your washi tape and line the label with it. If it doesn’t have a label, use the tape to make a square on one side of the container.



Step 3





Now you can paint the label black with your paintbrush. I used a sponge brush and a paintbrush on these to help keep my coats of paint as even as possible. Then let the containers air dry.



Step 4



Now repeat step 3. I found that using two coats of the black paint were perfect for my containers.




Step 5




Once your containers have air dried. Peel off the washi tape. Fill the plant containers with some potting soil. Plant some seeds and place by a window. I bought so many different types of seeds to grow in my wonderful diy plant containers. These were so simple to create and I already had all the items I needed in my home to create them. If you are looking for a really simple but great looking planter, then defiantly give these a try. I’d love to hear back if any of you try this project at home. Let me know how it turned out for you.






It has been a few weeks since I had planted some seeds. The only difference I would probably make before planting is adding some type of stones to the bottom to help with water regulation and to give the roots some breathing room. They worked really well. I would totally make them again.



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