Dear Violet (little boo),


Little Baby V


I am sitting here writing to you little Violet about turning two years old. You have grown so much since we have brought you home from the hospital. Our little peanut has gotten so big. It feels like just yesterday we were driving to the hospital to finally meet our little girl.  I went into labor at 4:30 am that morning. Daddy and I decided to go to the hospital around 11am. You came into this world at 11:04 pm, our perfect Violet. I had only just met you little flower. I loved you more than I thought was possible.




Violet in the NICU



The day after you were born. Mommy and daddy got some much needed rest. Of course it wasn’t easy. Daddy had to help walk mommy to the bathroom a few times. And the nurses kept insisting on checking mommy vitals every couple of seconds and pressed on mommy’s stomach which was very uncomfortable mind you. But as soon as we were able,we came to visit you in the NICU.


Violet, the Tiny



Little flower you were so tiny. You looked so breakable.  It had been such a long time since mommy had held a baby. Not since your auntie was one anyway. And that was such a long time ago. But little one, the nurses taught mommy how to hold you, feed you, burp you, bathe you, and change your diaper and reassured me that my instincts would kick it. Your grandma and grandpa Keith came all the way from South Carolina to meet you. Your grandpa and auntie were in the hospital the first night of your arrival to welcome you. Your daddy and grandma were by mommy’s side when she was in labor. Everyone came to meet you. I’m pretty sure little Violet you captured every ones hearts.




Silly Little Flower


Leaving the Hospital


Soon the time had come for mommy and daddy to leave the hospital. It wasn’t the happiest of times though. Our little flower had to remain in the NICU until they nurses and doctors felt you could be sent home. It was the strangest feeling little Violet walking out of the hospital without you that first day.  It felt like a mist hung over as walked away from you, all mommy’s instincts screaming for her to go to you. While we were waiting for the doctors to clear you. We came to see you as often as we could. It was more difficult than we would have liked because we had gotten a very big snow storm a day or two after we had left the hospital. We worried about you but we were powerless.




Finally going home



Finally the doctors and nurses felt you were ready to come home. Mommy and daddy were excited and nervous. We were new parents. We didn’t know much about being parents. Thankfully your mommy and daddy had a large support team to help us care for you little one. Everything our little flower needed was at home waiting to be used.  Your grandma would rock you to sleep some nights in the rocking chair. You slept in the pack in play in mommy and daddy’s room. Sometimes when you couldn’t sleep in your pack in play, we’d strap you into your bouncer. You woke every couple of hours to be fed. Mommy doesn’t like to admit it, but your daddy handled a lot of the night time feedings. According to him, mommy slept like a log.




Violet and Mommy




Becoming Parents




We were new parents. We had Your dad I’ll admit was scared to hold you for a while. You were so small. I think he was afraid of breaking you.  After a while his confidence grew and and he became more relaxed and comfortable with you little flower. You could tell that he just loved you so very much. And as you have gotten older, his love for you has grown. I am pretty sure it is clear that you are a daddy’s girl.





Violet and Daddy

Violet and Daddy





1st Birthday to the 2nd





It feels like a short amount of time has gone by that you little girl were that little peanut brought home from the hospital. It’s crazy to think that in those short two years you have grown and changed so much. In this little place that we call our home, you have learned to crawl, walk, talk, eat solid foods, among a thousand other things. Sometimes I watch you play with your toys, watch how your little brain works to figure out any problems you are faced with when playing. It’s amazing to watch. You are so independent little flower. It’s so amazing.




Violet and Mommy

Violet and Mommy





Happy Birthday Violet




Here we are, its your second birthday. I am so proud of you little flower. It always seems to happen that there is never enough money in the world to give you the most amazing birthday possible. This year I was able to get you more than last year. I was able to make you an amazing birthday cake. You little silly girl loved the icing.



I hope that as you grow. I am excited to see how you grow. To watch you grow up into the amazing young woman that you are meant to be.  I love you little girl. I am excited for the day  I can share this post with you. Mommy and daddy love you so much.








We love you, Violet.











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