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So life can be pretty chaotic.


You’re constantly being pulled in every direction but the one you want to go. You’re lost under a mound of responsibilities. You need a way out, an escape. This sounds like the all too familiar life of a mom.


Does this sound familiar to every mom everywhere?


That is me every single day since I’ve become a mom and homemaker. My one year old keeps me pretty busy. I end up struggling to find time to do pretty much everything. The things that I struggle with most are balancing being a mom and my other responsibilities such as making dinner, organizing the house, and keeping the house clean.


I’m here to help other moms like me who need help balancing motherhood with our busy lives. I want to show all of you that it is possible to have time to do all of the things that you need to accomplish in a day.


So follow me and let me help you organize the clutter that is life.


Some ways to have a happy, organized home.


One thing I had to do when cleaning and organizing my home was trying to find a place to put all of my put all the things that I didn’t want my one-year-old to get a hold of. The less stress the better when trying to keep the little ones safe, right mom! My daughter always seems to get hold of the things I try to keep away from her. It feels like we are constantly playing keep away.  I’m sure all of you have had to do this or will have to do this depending on how old your children are right now. If they are one or older than I bet they find a way into everything but the things you want them to.


I have recently bought a few products around the house to help me keep away those things I’d rather my little one didn’t get a hold of. I feel like every mom needs to have fantastic products to help organize their homes.


Eight Products I use in my home to have a happy, stress-free, organized living room.



Here are the eight products that I have bought recently to help me have a happy, stress-free, organized space. This is especially important for all of us busy moms who are trying to juggle raising our children with our daily tasks.




Three Drawer Medium Rolling Storage Cart in Peach


I bought this because I needed a place to put my daughter’s books, diapers, and wipes. We found this walking through my local Target the other day. I would say that I mostly shop at Target because they have some of the cutest items ever.  I love this cart. It adds a nice splash of color to my living room. Every time I see it I smile. My daughter’s diapers used to be stored in the dining room. So I decided to clean and organize it and move all my daughter’s things to the living room.  I would highly suggest this rolling storage cart. It has definitely helped me create a better storage system for a more happy, stress-free, organized home. This is a great product for every mom. You can find it here.


Update: This product is no longer avaialble at Target. I did however find something similar on amazon. Unforunatly I could not find it in this beautiful peach color shown above. You can find that here.




Decorative Bin in Pale Mint



I bought this item a few months ago at Target. I wanted to create more storage for my living room. My house that I currently live in doesn’t really offer a lot of storage space as it is. So I decided to figure out a way to bring more storage solutions into my living space. I found this item and the picture on the website does not do it any justice. I really love this bin. In my home, we use it for my wax melts. I love having the house smell good. This allows me to keep the wax melts all neat and organized. This bin could be used for a number of things. If I wasn’t using it for my wax melts collection, I would use it for my arts and crafts supplies. I have a ton of art and crafts supplies and not enough space to store them all.   I have a lot of nail polish that is currently in need of a home. But for right now it will be the wax melts home.  You can find it here.



A few options to choose from…


I was checking the website and found that the one I have is currently unavailable to purchase. So I am going to include three links to three other color options of this storage box. As a mom, this product helps me keep dangerous things from my daughter that could harm her.



There is a white colored option, you can find it here.

This one is a really pretty blue colored one, you can find it here.

There is also a really nice gray one, you can find it here.






Plastic Storage Crate


I love this light minty blue crate. It’s so perfect for the blue hues that I seem to be attracted to lately.  I mean blue is my favorite color so it kind of makes sense. To be honest, though I just love bright colors. They are all so great.  Also at the price, you can’t beat it. Anyway back to this storage create. It’s so perfect for under my one table next to the couch. I leave a bit of it exposed to have a place to store my laptop when it is charging. I also store my unused notebooks there as well. This storage crate would work well in anyone home. You could use it as a toy box, file storage, or just about anything you can think of. Now I will let you all know that when I went back to Target recently to see if they had any more. I couldn’t find any. I checked online and the only ones they have are a nice coral one and a dark blue one. The link I included is the coral one. I think that is such a pretty color. I might buy a few of the coral ones and use them outside as tables for my plants. You can find it here.

The other option to choose from…



I found out recently that this product is no longer available. Here is a black one that is still available, you can find it here.




Large Mint Woven Storage Bin


When I bought these cute storage bins I was looking for something to store my daughter’s laundry in. I found these cute bins at Target. As you can all probably tell by now that I shop at Target a lot. These bins work great for what I use them for. I was lucky enough to get these one clearance when I bought them as well. So I couldn’t deny the price was in my favor. These bins would work well for toys, stuffed animals, or even arts and crafts. My household loves arts and crafts. This is something I intend to do with my daughter as she gets older. I might end up buying more of these in other colors for my daughter’s room. They will be great for extra storage in her room. I am so glad I discovered these bins when I did. You can find it here.



A few options to choose from…



I was checking the website and this product is no longer available. I found a few options to choose from.


Here is a white one, you can find it here.

This one is a gray/white one, you can find it here.

Her is an aqua/blue one, you can find it here.




Small Mint Woven Storage Bin




I bought this smaller woven storage bin to store all my craft supplies that I had bought recently for bullet journaling.  It works really well for my craft supplies. This small storage bin works really well for my craft supplies storage space.  I can store it right behind my end table so I have easy access to it when working on my bullet journal. It could definitely be used for other things as well. I could also use it for my small magazine collection, baby supplies, or even possibly some of my daughter’s toys. It could honestly be used in a number of ways. I bought this product from Target like so many of the others on this list. I did check online and it looks like this product is no longer available to purchase.  If you want to add it to your wish list, you can find it here. This product is great for moms.



A few options to choose from…



I was checking the website and it turns out this product is no longer available. I found a few other options for the same storage bin in different colors.



Here is an aqua/blue one, you can find it here.

This one is a pink one, you can find it here.

Here is a nice white one, you can find it here.




Turquoise Wire Cube Storage Bin




When I saw this product at my local Target, I knew it would be perfect for my growing magazine collection. I feel like Target is the best place for all moms to shop. Their products are cute.  Before I had my collection on my end table and my daughter kept trying to grab them. I had to find a place to put them that she couldn’t reach. So I bought this awesome bin. I love the color. I’m sure as you can tell is that blue is a very common color in my household. Anyway I’m not really sure what else I could use this bin for. I mean I guess you could store tuber ware, baby bottles, baby blankets, or maybe even books. I checked the website this product is no longer available at Target. If you’d like to add it to a wish list, you can do that here.



A few options to choose from…



I found out this product is no longer available. I checked the website and they didn’t have any ones like this one. However, I did find a few options that are similar and super cute.



Here is one copper one that I really love, you can buy it here.

This one is a white one that is really awesome, you can buy it here.

Here is a gold one that I really really love, you can buy it here.




Better Homes and Gardens Square Four Cube Organizer in Weathered



When I first bought this product I wanted to use it as a bookcase. But then I decided to make it my TV Stand. It works really great as a TV stand. However, I will have to upgrade soon because my daughter is starting to get tall enough to reach the TV. I keep my game consoles in the cubies as well.  I love the color this organizer comes in. It also comes in a ton of other colors if this one isn’t for you.  The color matches my living room decor perfectly. And for the price, it was perfect.  You can find this product here.




Better Homes and Gardens Turquoise Fabric Storage Cube


When I bought the four cube organizing shelf I decided to purchase two fabric storage cubes for more storage space. In the fabric cubes, I store all my video games for my consoles. I love the color that this one is in. It’s so pretty. It also comes in other colors so if this one isn’t for you there are other options.  There really isn’t much more to say about this product. It’s pretty in. You can find this product here. I really love this product as a mom.




Be the change in your home life.


Life is rather messy sometimes but with a little help and know how it can be organized, decluttered, and you will have the time to spend with your little ones.  My daughter is very important to me. I don’t want to miss out on her growing up.   This is so important to me because when I was working a full-time job, I missed out on a portion of her life that I’ll never get back. So I have made it my goal to be there for her and to watch her grow. There are so many firsts she has yet to have. I can’t wait to share all of them with her.



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